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Ból Chumann na hÉireann Affiliation Fees for the 2022 season

Club: €250

Senior and Intermediate Men: €70

Junior and Novice Men: €55

Senior and Intermediate Ladies: €50

Junior Ladies: €30

Veteran: €30 (If playing two Championship total €55)

Vintage: €25 (If playing two Championship total €55)

Non playing members: €10

Non Championship playing member: €50

U-18 Boys and U-18 Girls: €25 (If also playing in an Adult Grade, no additional cost)

All other under age: €10

Unlimited Bowlers: €5

Social Club: €150 (This includes up to 20 members, €15 extra over per additional member)


This is the cost going to Ból Chumann na hÉireann. Some Regions may charge extra to cover prizes etc. so please be careful how you circulate this information.

Player affiliation must be passed by region, signed by Club and Regional Secretaries NB. No affiliations will be taken without the proper affiliation form signed by the player.

Timetable 2022:

Monday 17th January - Closing date for affiliation and regional grading meeting

Wednesday 26th January - 3 way grading meeting and overall grading meeting

Wednesday 02nd February - Executive meeting

Wednesday 16th February - All Regional Registrar must have a final list emailed to myself for the inclusion to the 2022 Register. No later than the 16th February NB

Wednesday 02nd March - Executive meeting - 2022 Register will be available to purchase at €10 each


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