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View the monthly fixtures, bowling finishing times & an overview of the bowling calendar for 2024

Daily Fixtures 

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July/August Fixtures

Sunday 14th June to Sunday 11th August 

Evening bowling finishing times 

9.55pm   Sunday 14th July 

9.50pm   Sunday 21st July

9.40pm   Sunday 28th July

9.20pm   Sunday 04th August

9.10pm   Sunday 11th August

Inter Regional Draws 2024

For Junior-A/Junior-B/Junior-Veteran

(A). Outer Regions v City @ Ballyhooley

(B). Gealteacht v West Cork @ Castletown

Quarter Finals

(1). Mid v East @ Whitechurch

(2). Carbery v (B) @ Ballygurteen

(3). North East v North Cork @ Templemicheal

(4). South West v (A) @ Terelton

Semi Finals

(4) v (1)

(2) v (3)

For Junior-C/Novice A,B,C,D/Novice-Veteran/Junior Ladies & all Under-Age

(A). Outer Regions v North East @ Ballincurrig

(B). City v Carbery @ Ballinacurra

Quarter Finals

(1). North v South West @ Clondrohid

(2). (A) v (B) @ Beal Na Blath

(3). Gealteacht v Mid @ Ballinagree

(4). East v West @ Jagoes

Semi Finals

(4) v (3)

(1) v (2)


please note dates are subject to change 

All Irelands 2024 - Mid Cork 

July 13th & 14th 

Senior Ladies, Intermediate Men, Junior A Men, Under 18 Boys, Under 18 Girls


All Irelands 2024 - Armagh

August 03rd/04th 

Senior Men, Intermediate Ladies, Junior Veteran, Junior B Men, Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls, Under 12 Boys


All Irelands 2024 - Venue to be decided 

September 07th/08th 

Junior C/Novice

European Championships - Germany 

08th/09th/10th/11th/12th/13th May 


King & Queen of the Roads 2024

September 20th/21st/22nd


Ból Fada

March 29th/30th/01st (Easter Weekend)



Intermediate Ladies

Quarter Finals 20th/21st/22nd/23rd June

Semi Final 12th/13th/14th July

Final 20th/21st July 

Under 16 Girls/Boys & Under 12 Girls/Boys

Quarter Finals 06th/07th/08th/09th June

Semi Final 20th/21st/22nd June

Final 18th/19th/20th July

Senior Men

Quarter Finals 22nd/23rd/29th/30th June

Semi Final 13th/14th July

Final 20th/21st July 

Junior B Men

Quarter Finals 30th/31st May/01st/02nd June 

Semi Final 13th/14th June

Final 28th/29th/30th June

Junior/Novice Veteran

Quarter Finals 30th/31st May/01st/02nd June

Semi Final 13th/14th June

Final 28th/29th/30th June

Overall Final 16th/17th July 

Senior Ladies

Quarter Finals 01st/02nd June

Semi Final 07th/08th/09th June

Final 23rd/24th June 

Intermediate Men

Quarter Finals 31st May/01st/02nd June

Semi Final 08th/09th June

Final 22nd/23rd June

Junior A Men

Quarter Finals 24th/25th/26th May

Semi Final 06th/07th/08th June

Final 14th/15th/16th June 

Under 18 Boys/Girls

Quarter Finals 09th/10th/11th/12th May

Semi Final 24th/25th/26th May 

Final 14th/15th/16th June

Junior C/Novice A/B/C/D

Quarter Finals 27th/28th/29th/30th July

Semi Final 08th/09th/10th/11th August

Final 17th/18th August

Over Novice Finals 24th/25th August 

Junior Ladies 

Quarter Finals 08th/09th/10th/11th August 

Semi Final 20th/21st/22nd August 

Final 30th/31st August 


Finals 06th October

Overall Final 13th October

Senior/Intermediate Men's & Women's
Championship Draws 2024 

Senior Men's

Killian Kingston v Micheal Bohane at Templemartin

Martin Coppinger v Aidan Murphy at Timoleague

Seamus Sexton v Gary Daly at Inchageela

Patrick Flood v James O' Donovan at Beal Na Morrive

Intermediate Men's

Phillip O' Donovan v Denis O' Sullivan at Grenagh

Raymond Ryan v Donal O' Riordan at Caheragh

Billy McAuliffe v Paul Buckley at Firmount

Wayne Callanan v Tom O' Donovan at Bweeng

Tommy O' Sullivan v Eamonn Bowen at Newcestown

John O' Rourke v Patrick Stokes at Bottlehill

Wayne Parkes v Andrew O' Callaghan at Baile Bhuirne

John Creedon v Tim Young at Bauravilla

The Women’s Senior Championship 2024 is divided into two groups of five and four.

Group A

Veronica O’ Mahony v Emma Fitzpatrick at Baile Bhuirne

Veronica O’ Mahony v Meghan Collins at Clondrohid

Veronica O’ Mahony v Geraldine Curtin at Templemartin

Veronica O’ Mahony v Denise Murphy at Beal na Morrive

Emma Fitzpatrick v Meghan Collins at Ballinacarriga

Emma Fitzpatrick v Geraldine Curtin at Lyre

Emma Fitzpatrick v Denise Murphy at Ballinacurra

Meghan Collins v Geraldine Curtin at The Clubhouse

Meghan Collins v Denise Murphy at Baile Bhuirne

Geraldine Curtin v Denise Murphy at Béal na Bláth

Group B

Catriona Kidney v Maria Nagle at Jagoe’s Mills

Catriona Kidney v Ciara Buckley at Templemichael

Catriona Kidney v Hannah Sexton at Dunderrow

Maria Nagle v Ciara Buckley at Macroom

Maria Nagle v Hannah Sexton at Derrinasafa

Ciara Buckley v Hannah Sexton at Baile Bhuirne


The Women’s Intermediate Championship 2024 is divided into two groups of four and three.

Group A

Hannah Cronin v Juliette Murphy at Baile Bhuirne

Hannah Cronin v Lisa Hegarty at Bauravilla

Hannah Cronin v Ailbhe O’Shea at Newcestown

Juliette Murphy v Lisa Hegarty at Dunderrow

Juliette Murphy v Ailbhe O’Shea at Templemichael

Lisa Hegarty v Ailbhe O’Shea at Ardcahan

Group B

Rachel Kingston v Emma Hickey at Bantry

Rachel Kingston v Ellen Sexton at Caheragh

Emma Hickey v Ellen Sexton at The Marsh Road              

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