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View the monthly fixtures, bowling finishing times & an overview of the bowling calendar for 2024

Evening bowling finishing times

No bowling after:            

8.30pm Saturday 08th & Sunday 09th April

8.30pm  Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 

8.40pm Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April

8.55pm Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April

9.05pm Saturday 06th & Sunday 07th May

Daily Fixtures 

View the home page for any update on daily fixtures

May/June Fixtures

Sunday 16th June to Sunday 07th July 

Evening bowling finishing times 

No bowling after...

9.55pm - Sunday 16th June 

9.55pm - Sunday 23rd June 

9.55pm - Sunday 30th June  

9.55pm - Sunday 07th July

Inter Regional Draws 2024

For Junior-A/Junior-B/Junior-Veteran

(A). Outer Regions v City @ Ballyhooley

(B). Gealteacht v West Cork @ Castletown

Quarter Finals

(1). Mid v East @ Whitechurch

(2). Carbery v (B) @ Ballygurteen

(3). North East v North Cork @ Templemicheal

(4). South West v (A) @ Terelton

Semi Finals

(4) v (1)

(2) v (3)

For Junior-C/Novice A,B,C,D/Novice-Veteran/Junior Ladies & all Under-Age

(A). Outer Regions v North East @ Ballincurrig

(B). City v Carbery @ Ballinacurra

Quarter Finals

(1). North v South West @ Clondrohid

(2). (A) v (B) @ Beal Na Blath

(3). Gealteacht v Mid @ Ballinagree

(4). East v West @ Jagoes

Semi Finals

(4) v (3)

(1) v (2)


please note dates are subject to change 

All Irelands 2024 - Mid Cork 

July 13th & 14th 

Senior Ladies, Intermediate Men, Junior A Men, Under 18 Boys, Under 18 Girls


All Irelands 2024 - Armagh

August 03rd/04th 

Senior Men, Intermediate Ladies, Junior Veteran, Junior B Men, Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls, Under 12 Boys


All Irelands 2024 - Venue to be decided 

September 07th/08th 

Junior C/Novice

European Championships - Germany 

08th/09th/10th/11th/12th/13th May 


King & Queen of the Roads 2024

September 20th/21st/22nd


Ból Fada

March 29th/30th/01st (Easter Weekend)



Intermediate Ladies

Quarter Finals 20th/21st/22nd/23rd June

Semi Final 12th/13th/14th July

Final 20th/21st July 

Under 16 Girls/Boys & Under 12 Girls/Boys

Quarter Finals 06th/07th/08th/09th June

Semi Final 20th/21st/22nd June

Final 18th/19th/20th July

Senior Men

Quarter Finals 22nd/23rd/29th/30th June

Semi Final 13th/14th July

Final 20th/21st July 

Junior B Men

Quarter Finals 30th/31st May/01st/02nd June 

Semi Final 13th/14th June

Final 28th/29th/30th June

Junior/Novice Veteran

Quarter Finals 30th/31st May/01st/02nd June

Semi Final 13th/14th June

Final 28th/29th/30th June

Overall Final 16th/17th July 

Senior Ladies

Quarter Finals 01st/02nd June

Semi Final 07th/08th/09th June

Final 23rd/24th June 

Intermediate Men

Quarter Finals 31st May/01st/02nd June

Semi Final 08th/09th June

Final 22nd/23rd June

Junior A Men

Quarter Finals 24th/25th/26th May

Semi Final 06th/07th/08th June

Final 14th/15th/16th June 

Under 18 Boys/Girls

Quarter Finals 09th/10th/11th/12th May

Semi Final 24th/25th/26th May 

Final 14th/15th/16th June

Junior C/Novice A/B/C/D

Quarter Finals 27th/28th/29th/30th July

Semi Final 08th/09th/10th/11th August

Final 17th/18th August

Over Novice Finals 24th/25th August 

Junior Ladies 

Quarter Finals 08th/09th/10th/11th August 

Semi Final 20th/21st/22nd August 

Final 30th/31st August 


Finals 06th October

Overall Final 13th October

Senior/Intermediate Men's & Women's
Championship Draws 2024 

Senior Men's

Killian Kingston v Micheal Bohane at Templemartin

Martin Coppinger v Aidan Murphy at Timoleague

Seamus Sexton v Gary Daly at Inchageela

Patrick Flood v James O' Donovan at Beal Na Morrive

Intermediate Men's

Phillip O' Donovan v Denis O' Sullivan at Grenagh

Raymond Ryan v Donal O' Riordan at Caheragh

Billy McAuliffe v Paul Buckley at Firmount

Wayne Callanan v Tom O' Donovan at Bweeng

Tommy O' Sullivan v Eamonn Bowen at Newcestown

John O' Rourke v Patrick Stokes at Bottlehill

Wayne Parkes v Andrew O' Callaghan at Baile Bhuirne

John Creedon v Tim Young at Bauravilla

The Women’s Senior Championship 2024 is divided into two groups of five and four.

Group A

Veronica O’ Mahony v Emma Fitzpatrick at Baile Bhuirne

Veronica O’ Mahony v Meghan Collins at Clondrohid

Veronica O’ Mahony v Geraldine Curtin at Templemartin

Veronica O’ Mahony v Denise Murphy at Beal na Morrive

Emma Fitzpatrick v Meghan Collins at Ballinacarriga

Emma Fitzpatrick v Geraldine Curtin at Lyre

Emma Fitzpatrick v Denise Murphy at Ballinacurra

Meghan Collins v Geraldine Curtin at The Clubhouse

Meghan Collins v Denise Murphy at Baile Bhuirne

Geraldine Curtin v Denise Murphy at Béal na Bláth

Group B

Catriona Kidney v Maria Nagle at Jagoe’s Mills

Catriona Kidney v Ciara Buckley at Templemichael

Catriona Kidney v Hannah Sexton at Dunderrow

Maria Nagle v Ciara Buckley at Macroom

Maria Nagle v Hannah Sexton at Derrinasafa

Ciara Buckley v Hannah Sexton at Baile Bhuirne


The Women’s Intermediate Championship 2024 is divided into two groups of four and three.

Group A

Hannah Cronin v Juliette Murphy at Baile Bhuirne

Hannah Cronin v Lisa Hegarty at Bauravilla

Hannah Cronin v Ailbhe O’Shea at Newcestown

Juliette Murphy v Lisa Hegarty at Dunderrow

Juliette Murphy v Ailbhe O’Shea at Templemichael

Lisa Hegarty v Ailbhe O’Shea at Ardcahan

Group B

Rachel Kingston v Emma Hickey at Bantry

Rachel Kingston v Ellen Sexton at Caheragh

Emma Hickey v Ellen Sexton at The Marsh Road              

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