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Daily Fixtures 

Evening bowling is now finished

See Home page for any update on daily fixtures 

January/February Fixtures

Sunday 22nd January to Sunday 12th February

Daytime bowling finishing times

No bowling after:             

5.10pm  Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd January

5.15pm  Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th January

5.25pm  Saturday 04th, Sunday 05th & Monday 06th February

5.40pm  Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th February



please note dates are subject to change 

All Ireland 2023 - Ballincurrig, Midleton, Co. Cork

July 08th & 09th 2023

Senior Men, Intermediate Ladies, Junior B Men, Junior Veteran, Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls, Under 12 Boys


All Ireland 2023 - Eglish, Co. Tyrone

August 05th/06th

Senior Ladies, Intermediate Men, Junior A Men, Under 18 Boys, Under 18 Girls, Under 14 Boys


Novice All Ireland – Kilea, Co. Waterford

September 01st/02nd/03rd

Junior C, Novice 1, Novice 2


King & Queen of the Roads 2023 - Ballincurrig, Midelton, Co. Cork

September 22nd/23rd/24th


Ból Fada - Keady Tassagh, Co. Armagh

April 07th/08th/09th (Easter Weekend)



Intermediate Ladies

Quarter Finals 24th/25th May

Semi Final 14th & 15th June

Final 28th June

Under 16 Girls/Boys & Under 12 Boys

First Rounds 26th May

Quarter Finals 05th June

Semi Final 12th June

Final 19th June

Senior Men

Quarter Finals 02nd/03rd/04th June

Semi Final 16th/17th June

Final 19th June

Junior B Men

Quarter Finals 27th May

Semi Final 10th June

Final 24th June

Junior/Novice Veteran

Quarter Finals 20th/21st May

Semi Final 05th/06th June

Final 18th June

Overall Final 25th June

Senior Ladies

Quarter Finals 22nd/23rd June

Semi Final 14th July

Final 22nd July

Intermediate Men

Quarter Finals 24th/25th June

Semi Final 15th/16th July

Final 23rd July

Junior A Men

Quarter Finals 22nd/23rd June

Semi Final 01st/02nd July

Final 16th July

Under 18 Boys/Girls

Quarter Finals 11th July

Semi Final 18th July

Final 25th July

Under 14 Boys

Quarter Finals 05th July

Semi Final 12th July

Final 19th July

Junior C/Novice A

Quarter Finals 27th/28th July

Semi Final 08th/09th August

Final 16th August

Novice B/C/D

Quarter Finals 24th/25th July

Semi Final 07th/08th August

Final 15th August

Junior Ladies & Under 14/12 Girls

Quarter Finals 30th July

Semi Final 13th August

Final 27th August

Vintage A/B/C

Finals 21st/22nd October

Overall Final 29th October

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