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View the monthly fixtures, bowling finishing times & an overview of the bowling calendar for 2023

Evening bowling finishing times

No bowling after:            

8.30pm Saturday 08th & Sunday 09th April

8.30pm  Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 

8.40pm Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April

8.55pm Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th April

9.05pm Saturday 06th & Sunday 07th May

Daily Fixtures 

View the home page for any update on daily fixtures

Monday to Friday evening bowling is finished for 2023

November/December Fixtures

Sunday 12th November to Sunday 10th December 

Evening bowling finishing times 

No bowling after...

4.55pm Sunday 12th November

4.45pm Sunday 19th November

4.35pm Sunday  26th November

4.30pm Sunday  3rd December

4.25pm Sunday  10th December


please note dates are subject to change 

All Ireland 2023 - Ballincurrig, Midleton, Co. Cork

July 08th & 09th 2023

Senior Men, Intermediate Ladies, Junior B Men, Junior Veteran, Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls, Under 12 Boys


All Ireland 2023 - Eglish, Co. Tyrone

August 05th/06th

Senior Ladies, Intermediate Men, Junior A Men, Under 18 Boys, Under 18 Girls, Under 14 Boys


Novice All Ireland – Kilea, Co. Waterford

September 01st/02nd/03rd

Junior C, Novice 1, Novice 2


King & Queen of the Roads 2023 - Ballincurrig, Midelton, Co. Cork

September 22nd/23rd/24th


Ból Fada - Keady Tassagh, Co. Armagh

April 07th/08th/09th (Easter Weekend)



Intermediate Ladies

Quarter Finals 24th/25th May

Semi Final 14th & 15th June

Final 28th June

Under 16 Girls/Boys & Under 12 Boys

First Rounds 26th May

Quarter Finals 05th June

Semi Final 12th June

Final 19th June

Senior Men

Quarter Finals 02nd/03rd/04th June

Semi Final 16th/17th June

Final 19th June

Junior B Men

Quarter Finals 27th May

Semi Final 10th June

Final 24th June

Junior/Novice Veteran

Quarter Finals 20th/21st May

Semi Final 05th/06th June

Final 18th June

Overall Final 25th June

Senior Ladies

Quarter Finals 22nd/23rd June

Semi Final 14th July

Final 22nd July

Intermediate Men

Quarter Finals 24th/25th June

Semi Final 15th/16th July

Final 23rd July

Junior A Men

Quarter Finals 22nd/23rd June

Semi Final 01st/02nd July

Final 16th July

Under 18 Boys/Girls

Quarter Finals 11th July

Semi Final 18th July

Final 25th July

Under 14 Boys

Quarter Finals 05th July

Semi Final 12th July

Final 19th July

Junior C/Novice A

Quarter Finals 27th/28th July

Semi Final 08th/09th August

Final 16th August

Novice B/C/D

Quarter Finals 24th/25th July

Semi Final 07th/08th August

Final 15th August

Junior Ladies & Under 14/12 Girls

Quarter Finals 30th July

Semi Final 13th August

Final 27th August

Vintage A/B/C

Finals 21st/22nd October

Overall Final 29th October

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