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Upcoming Fixtures


Daily Fixtures 

Sunday 24th September

September/October Fixtures

Sunday 17th September to Sunday 08th October 

Bowling finishing times 

No bowling after...

7.35pm Sunday 17th September

7.20pm Sunday 24th September

7.00pm Sunday 01st October

6.45pm Sunday 08th October

King & Queen of the Roads 

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Latest Updates & Results

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All Ireland Finals at Killea - September 2023

Novice 2 Semi Final: Danny O’Shea (London) bt Timmy Cooney (Leinster) bt Andy Shea (Nr America) ns.

Novice 2 Semi Final: Micheal O’Driscoll (Munster) bt Conor Lappin (Ulster) bt Kevin Leville (Connacht) €2,100 O’Driscoll/Lappin.

Novice 2 Final: Micheal O’Driscoll (Munster) bt Danny O’Shea (London) ls €500 as.

Junior C Semi Final: Micheal Nugent (London) bt Brendan O’Donovan (Nr America) bt David Hughes (Connaucht) €1,456 O’Donovan/Nugent.

Junior C Final: Barry O’Reilly (Ulster) bt Shane Collins (Munster) bt J.P.Clinton (Leinster) 3 x €1,100 as & €7,100 O’Reilly/Collins. Barry O’Reilly (Ulster) bt Padraigh Nugent (London) ls €100 as.

Novice 1 Semi Final: Brian O’Driscoll (Munster) bt Anthony McVeigh (Ulster) bt Chris Kiernan (London) ns.

Novice 1 Semi Final: Alan Long (Leinster) bt Joe Sheridan (Connaught) bt Rodger O’Riordan (Nr America) €1,100 as Long/O’Riordan.

Novice 1 Final: Brian O’Driscoll (Munster) bt Alan Long (Leinster) 3bls ns.

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