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2020 All-Ireland Second Series - Baile Bhuirne 22nd to 24th October 2021

Congratulations to all the winners

Well done to the Gealteacht Region on the successful running of the 2020 All-Ireland series on their Bhaile Bhuirne/Coolea road. Dispite some inclement weather, they managed to get scores off on time and finsihed on time. Well done to all your stewards and helpers, well to to all the referees. Congratulations to all the winners and hard luck to all the Runners-up. We had some exciting finishes. Hopefully 2022 will see us back to full normality and we look forward to the All-Ireland Munster finals being played in the Mid Cork Region.

Photos by Gretta Cormican

More pictures from the weekend under the photos tab above


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