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Congratulations to the Gaeltacht Region on a successful year

What an extraordinary and hugely successful year the Gaeltacht Region had. They contested 9 County Titles, they won 5 & lost 4 & won 4 All-Irelands

John Creedon won the Junior A County + The All-Ireland

Tim Kelleher won the County Veteran's + The All-Ireland

Micheal Desmond lost the Novice A County

Darren Kelly won the Novice B County but lost the overall

Matty McDonagh lost the Novice 2 County

Cillian Kelleher lost the U-18 County

Liam Murphy won the U-16 County + The All-Ireland

Ross O'Brien won the U12 County + The All-Ireland

Darcy O'Brien lost the U-16 County

That is some achievement for one Region in one year. Some serious celebrations were had after each and everyone of those finals. Congratulations to each and every one of you.

All to be done again in 2023.


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